Return of Hadrach

Like a Whisper

18-Laifus through 19-Novui

Captain Marigold Wright, Privateer to her Imperial Majesty, Aradia Corvallia VIII of the Argentier Empire, had been experiencing a run of bad luck. Having found herself on another world entirely with no obvious way to get home, she made the best of things, acquired a new ship and a new crew, whereupon she spent the next year doing whatever it was that occured to her to do with such things. Upon pulling into the harbor of Chytri, however, her ship was shot by necromantic energies from the black tower and only she managed to escape being turned into an unliving servant of Anmor and the Cult of Hadrach. Bound by a cursed collar which punished her for using her witchcraft, the poor captain was given over to the tender mercies of the Yevnor the Butcher and his trolls. After a long day’s labor under their cruel whips, she was about to settle down into a filthy corner of the slave pens when she heard a commotion, and looked up to see the wizardess Shakaari, whom she had, more than a year ago, met in some sort of twisted dream, surrounded by trolls and defended by a summoned Hound Archon. The trolls lept upon the invaders, giving the Archon only enough time to mutter the words “not again,” before being torn apart and devoured. As the littlest Voco saw her short life pass before her eyes, Marigold took the opportunity to escape the pen, teleporting herself to the far end of the room even as the collar sapped her vitality.

Meanwhile, in Elvira’s bedroom, the bard Jarbold expresses his concern for his master, Griangi’s, wellbeing, and convinces the young druidess, now recovered from her latest bout of food poisoning, to rush to the aid of the party. On the way, they run into the cavalier, Jinora, who disappeared in a fog bank a week or two previously, reappearing briefly during the adventurers’ sojourn into a pocket dimension filled with terror. The bard pled with Jinora to join them in their quest to save Griangi from almost certain victory; the woman agreed, provided the bard sings her praises as well as those of his master. Torn, the bard reluctantly acquiesced.

In front of the warehouse, the troll guards had met the fury of Rothgar’s bow, the pure raw power of Griangi’s mighty axe, and the graceful electric death of Akiara’s exotic twin blades, and were found wanting. Also Juniper was there. Upon the fall of the last horrific, regenerating beast, the rogue found the warehouse door locked. As she began pulling out her locksmithing tools, Keets, the brownie familiar of Shakaari, ran up shouting that the wizardess was about to die. Juniper stopped picking the lock momentarily, considering whether or not to wait until after the young mage was lining the stomach of a troll before continuing. For whatever reason, Juniper decided not to wait, opening the door to see a troll rushing her and the other party members.

Somewhere around here, Jinora, Elvira, and Jarbold arrived.

Akiara, possessed of the elvish penchant for noticing doors, went around to the side of the warehouse, and opened one, finding Marigold behind it.

Inside the warehouse, Shakaari, now flanked on all sides by the Butcher and his underlings, attempted to cast a Dimension Door spell, but failed. Noticing Marigold against the eastern wall, the troll underlings rushed to mash her into pulp, leaving Shakaari with only the Butcher to deal with, who promptly launched her across the room with a smack from his enormous cleaver. Flat on her back, severely injured, and about to be oozing out from between the Butcher’s toes, the wizardess noticed the sliding door open and Akiara walk through it, and promptly swore. Deftly rolling out of the range of the two closest trolls, Shakaari fired a lightning bolt through the both the Butcher and the two trolls who rushed to attack Marigold before shifting herself into the slave pen. Griangi, Rothgar, Jinora and Juniper made short work of the charging troll, and Griangi then proceeded to challenge the Butcher to personal combat, much to the chagrin of Jinora, who had called dibs.

Shakaari, now surrounded by bedraggled slaves who were convinced she was only going to get them eaten quicker, struggled but failed to cast a spell in the midst of the throng. Rothgar, Juniper, and Jinora turn around to find that many of trolls they thought already dead had risen up again and were somewhat angry about their recent eviscerations. Shakaari shifted herself back out of the pen just as Griangi brought down the Butcher. The party killed the remaining trolls, and Shakaari summoned a group of small fire elementals to burn the remains.

Rothgar immediately charged up to the office to search for loot, only to find a man dressed in the brown robes of a Hadrach cultist was already robbing the place. Rothgar failed to bring the man down before he leapt out the window and escapes. The ranger does, however, find a sizable stash of loot, including Marigold’s personal effects.

Elvira and Marigold start healing the party while Shakaari immediately goes to the aid of the caged prisoners. Angry that no-one else is helping her, the wizardess admonishes Rothgar, whose response is essentially “Whut-eva — I gots ta get PAID!”

The party finds the elven merchant’s daughter and the two are reunited. The prisoners are moved to underground quarters and the merchant asks the party to train them to fight so that they may participate in an uprising to free their city. The party agrees and they spend the next month preparing for the insurrection.

insert party activities here***

Shakaari makes contact with her grandfather, informing him of the situation. He asks for a date on which Draiman Marines who make landing at Chytri. Concerned that the Tesrans will react poorly to a Draiman invasion force, Shakaari consults Griangi and sends a message to Fleet Admiral Farinost to the south. She sews a large banner featuring Griangi’s official crest and sends it back to him, suggesting that the expeditionary force should fly that rather than Draiman colors.

Griangi takes the Butcher’s head and places it on display in a prominent place as a symbol that the revolution will soon begin.


Striogi Striogi

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