Return of Hadrach

In the aftermath of the battle with the bone devil, Kal offered the party one of the Gems of the Horn of Hadrach and gave suggestions on how to use it.

Kal also made it clear that if they turn the head in and report the murders and the bone devil, it will probably bring an end to House Voco as one of the Council of Ten ruling houses of Draima, and he would prefer to see House Voco fall. The party agreed.

He also weighed in on the party’s current goals, pointing out that your opponent, Hadrach, is merely a man who was (un)lucky enough to obtain the Sword and Shield of Hadrach, while you have the Horn and part of the Lodestone.
Kal said that legend holds that when the real Hadrach died, his soul was too small to be accepted into the afterlife as a god, but too big to transported to the afterlife as anything less. Thus, his soul was broken into four pieces and placed into the Artifacts of Hadrach, and they are known by different names:

  • The Rage of Hadrach is the Sword
  • The Hope of Hadrach is the Shield
  • The Soul of Hadrach is the Horn
  • The Mind of Hadrach is the Lodestone

Using these artifacts can release Hadrach and open the user up to being possessed by a portion of Hadrach’s soul. This has what has happened to the man who wields the Rage and Hope.
The party now has a choice that had been made for them until now:

  1. - Gather the last pieces of the Horn and the Lodestone and give them to the False Hadrach to complete the possession and fully resurrect him.
  2. - Continue to fight against him, to destroy the artifacts. It is likely you will need some powerful items to combat him.

The party later made it to the surface and turned the head of the bone devil over to House Augraine and the head of the house gave it in turn to the people investigating the bone devil. It was determined the party should probably leave town quickly to keep from being embroiled in further political maneuverings.

The party went down to Simak’s landing left a false trail story with Jarbold involving attacking Voruub and hired a ship to sail to Tesra – a sixteen-day journey. Late that evening, a ship was spotted trailing them and a quick recon by Elvira revealed that the deck is full of soldiers bearing the crest of the house of Evokers from Draima…


Striogi Striogi

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