Return of Hadrach

Interrogation and Exploration

17-Temui through 20-Temui

Captain Kimnys was reinstated as Commander of the Watch and the Guard of Warren’s Mill. When the party tracked him down after the end of the Syndic’s funeral procession, he was deep in a reorganization of the Guard and the Watch. Griangi asked if there was anything that could be done to help and Kimnys asked the party to guard the prisoners Bastion and Galenos, which he and Cortez then did for the night.

The next day, The party gathered in the afternoon to plan the interrogation and Jarbold was instructed to spread rumors of Bastion and Galenos giving up names, dates, locations. That evening, Bastion and Galenos were separated and interrogated.
They both turned out to be true believers and difficult to get information from – Galenos occasinally turning the tables and yelling back at the group alternately threatening the doom and downfall of all the little races and acknowledging that he is just a cog in Hadrach’s greater plan. Bastion was gagged, preventing him from speaking, except when he was expected to answer a question.

Things party learned:
- Galenos had several people under him: Bastion, Bones, Dice, Doc, and Wings.
- Bones has been killed, Bastion and Galenos captured.
- Galenos has a second cleric other than Bastion.
- Galenos’ base of operations is apparently the ruins a day’s travel east of Warren’s Mill.
- Hadrach is not actually undead and is a reincarnation of the original Hadrach
- The Necromancer that killed Syndic Droche is called Anmor, she has a tower somewhere in the Old World.
…I may have missed some details that others remember (add them in comments)

The party spent another day gathering supplies (Juniper picked up a remarkable number of scrolls) and horses from the barracks, and headed out the next morning, after learning martial law had been lifted and the gates opened. Travelling through the forest was uneventful and after securing the horses and camp in a defensible hollow, the ruins were scouted by Juniper and Elvira

The ruins seem to be three foundations with a small amount of stone walls, overgrown with grasses, shrubs and trees.

  1. covered in golden-amber crystals and no plants – Per Raz, this is likely the location the crystal tomb of Lady Eboline was found.
  2. a broad open area with a few knocked-over pillars and walls. (not investigated)
  3. a smallish area with a rusted iron post sticking up from a number of shrubs in what might have been the middle of the building. This turned out to be the top of a rusted iron circular staircase and a gap (hidden by the shrubs) over a 20’ drop to the cellar.
    …several characters fell in and the stairs eventually collapsed. Fortunately, Griangi has a rope tied off so you can climb out later if necessary.

Whispering voices were heard by Raz. She warned the party.
The party is now in a large room with smooth floors and foot-wide channels cut in it. Roots hang down and obscure vision, and there is evidence of a terrible fire that raged there.


Striogi Striogi

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