Return of Hadrach



On the way back to the inn, Griangi took a moment to speak with Dolus VonEdgar, Marquis of Chulac. He invited Griangi to join his army, and said that demihumans were more widely accepted by the Chulaci. Griangi considered, but declined.
Not long after, inside the Cymbal and Bookseller Pub, a couple elves rushed in, settled accounts and warned the guards and magistrates are arresting every elf in the city, trying to find some people who “murdered several guards in the Market Square”.

The party left to gather their things, several going upstairs, while Griangi went out front, and spoke to the people of the city, warning that soon the Justicar would fall, and the city would be freed – the people must be ready. Kidios Maliron the Fist arrived in time to escort the party and escape from pursuing guards. He took them to meet Content Not Found: erak-vonnyntis, a member of the Guild of Trades, who had hired Tavirend the Merry and his mercenary band, Crossroads Legion, to assault the keep and kill Justicar Hefurn. However, He wouldn’t do it until someone could guarantee the keeps gates would stay open, as the 100 men he brought with him wouldn’t be able to take the keep if the gates were functional.

The party made plans to sneak into the keep and sabotage the gate controls, and Juniper, Rothgar, Shakaari, Elvira and Kia executed the plans. Bloodshed, fire and death followed the party as they killed guards, destroyed gates, and sowed chaos throughout the keep, using the store of oil for the murder holes to fuel the fire. Griangi stayed back with Tavirend and the Crossroads Legion, until they saw the keep was on fire. Elvira brought Griangi and Tavirend a message that the mission to destroy the gates was successful, and the main assault began.

Griangi, Elvira, Tavirend the Merry, and more than 100 members of the Crossroads Legion and local peasants charged the keep, running down any guards who stood in their way. Once through the tunnel and into the fortress proper, the attackers spread out, killing and burning as they went. Tavirend headed into the garrison to find the Justicar, and the party regrouped to rescue Conrad and the other civilians of Fraviano from the dungeons.

Under the keep, the party found a number of horribly tortured civilians and dozens of imprisoned civilians. The party freed as many people as they could, grabbed anything that looked valuable from some kind of store room, and when smoke from upstairs began to creep into the dungeon, they set an office full of papers and confessions on fire. Conrad was located, his right foot mangled and hobbled, and slightly delirious from his ordeal.

Once out of the dungeon, the party ran into Tavirend again, and he had the Horn and Lodestone of Hadrach as loot. He gave them up and told the party the Justicar had escaped. As the party left the fortress of Fraviano, the garrison was fully engulfed in flames, and the keep was similarly burning. Syndic Kopf was holed up in his tower desperately trying to keep people out, and the party headed back to the Bookseller and Cymbal Pub, to regroup, lick their wounds and consider their next move.


Now that felt a little more Chaotic Good.


makes me want to make one of those alignment charts:
LG: picture of Anakin murdering Tusken Raiders
CG: picture of the Robin Hood murdering Sheriff of Nottingham and the burning of Nottingham
NG: picture of William Wallace slaughtering English
LN: picture of inquisition killing people

Striogi Striogi

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