Return of Hadrach

Fate, rent asunder.


As the explosion at the palace dungeon entrance cleared, the party rushed to help the survivors. Flying across the city as a dragon, several air elementals and on flying mounts, the sight of the dragon alone was enough to scare the populace further.
Smoke filled passages and low visibility hampered rescue efforts. Most of the workers and guards under the palace survived, and the party was able to save a few people nearly overcome by the smoke.

After investigating the damage, the party came back out (only about 10 minutes had passed) and began to discuss their next steps when Kalithrax appeared, with Svedjanna the Norn alongside him. Svedjanna collapsed and Kalithrax led with “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!”
After a shouting match, Kalithrax revealed that the Tapestry had been shredded wholesale by the party, and this damage caused Svedjanna to collapse. Arguing that the party, could not know what was actually going on, Thrandir dismissed the whole concept of the Sanctioned Laws and the rules that Kalithrax seemed to be operating under.

Kalithrax finally explains that the Erinyes devil in the box was actually the necromancer Anmor – former advisor to Hadrach. The Everking was going to present her to the party as a peace offering. Svedjanna spoke weakly, predicting the destruction of Chytri before lapsing again into unconsciousness.

The party went to go talk to Hadrach, and after much discussion, the party chose to do two things:
1. Return the artifacts of Hadrach to Hadrach (he now has all 4 artifacts), making him whole and complete.
2. Akiara used her her wish to return Anmor to her prison… just as infernal strike teams arrived across Chytri.

A major battle ensued, in which the party and Hadrach faced off with two mythic ice devils. several bone devils, host devils, barbed devils, a number of casters… Hadrach proved himself to be on the side of the party, helping defeat the devils that attacked.

As the last devil fell dead, and the dust settled, the party took in their losses – Jarbold and Arna dead, Stephanos killed and revived, and some seriously injured. The party looked out across the city, able to see a battle engulfing the main gate of the palace where VonCrosia had gone to usher the civilians into the palace, the burning docks and ships in the harbor, and finally the Dragon’s Tooth Inn (where a large number of Tesran nobles were hiding during the attack) explode in a massive fireball…

…thus begins the Third Battle for Chytri.


Striogi Striogi

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