Return of Hadrach

Facing the Darkness

21-Novui through 24-Novui

In the aftermath of the excitement at the gallows, the party regroups at the inn and plans their next move.

Juniper, fresh back from her covert operation, privately introduces Griangi to Vincenzo, a spy who wishes to pledge fealty to the gnome. The discussion of what use he will be to the revolution is interrupted suddenly when a man named Nine Fingers crashes in through the window and says he’s here for Griangi. A fight ensues, and Nine Fingers is subdued, but at the cost of a near mortal injury to Vincenzo. While the rest of the party enters the discussion, Juniper renders the assassin’s name inaccurate.

Duping the party into putting him near a window, “Eight Fingers” escapes, but is put to sleep by some mysterious force, and is put out of his misery by Griangi. The party, aware that they have no time left to dither, quickly changes their base of operations and over the next couple days, puts the plan to attack the eastern fortress into effect, assembling their forces and marching almost immediately.

When the assault begins, Clerics of Vurda immediately begin slaughtering prisoners, raising them up immediately as undead soldiers. While Griangi and Jinora’s mounts are defeated by the cunning use of fences, the party and its forces engages the clerics, their bodyguards, and a cadre of trolls while their human forces fight off the zombies. In the midst of the fight, Juniper reveals that she has apparently learned some magic of her own as she blasts enemies with a cone of fire. In a pitched battle, the cleric’s forces are defeated, but a third of the party’s human forces are killed and Shakaari is badly wounded. With a second wave of forces from inside the fortress bearing down on them and with Rothgar and Elvira nowhere to be found, the prospects look grim for our heroes…


Striogi Striogi

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