Return of Hadrach

Empty Buildings Full of Suspicion


Breakfast was served buffet-style in the common room of the Purple Hearth, a social event with many of the patrons dressed in finery and gossiping about how someone named Master Griangi and his group of heroes had killed the wolves that had been attacking the city. The party received a note from Baron Gleushau that he had additional information for the party.

Meeting with the Baron netted the party a list of victims with some details about each of them. The party headed out, and soon felt they were being followed, but despite their best attempts, failed to actually catch or even spot a tail.

The Empty Warehouse (Attack #10)
Party determined the empty building was being used as a warehouse of some sort, that had been cleaned out after the werewolves murdered the four people there.

Adrian’s Imports (Attack #9)
The teenage human there allowed the party into the back where the two people were killed, her uncle and the company’s clerk. There were some hints the owners had been involved in narcotic trafficking (later determined to be mageweed smuggled from Draima in clay pots from Warren’s Mill). The party learned the 5th attack was also at a warehouse owned by the same merchant.

Finding a kebab vendor for a midday meal, a young pusher offered some mageweed to the party, which resulted in the arrest of the kebab vendor and city guard looking for the boy.

Adrian’s Imports Warehouse (Attack #5)
Heading over to the warehouse owned by the same person as Adrian’s Imports, the party found an investigation already underway by a rather haughty inspector who finally let them in on the narcotics smuggling investigation. Evidence of additional missing crates among the dead.

The group decided it would be good to interrogate the victims they had saved the night before, and also head back, get some rest and prepare for a night patrol to find more were wolves. They made it back to the Purple Hearth in time for dinner, and a note was brought to Juniper, who, after reading it, very clearly stated it wasn’t for her, she wasn’t Juniper and she hurried up to her room.

Attack number Murder number Name Gender Race Occupation
1 1 Roscoe M Halfling Street Vendor (kebabs)
2 2 Veronica F Halfling Street Vendor (charms)
3 3 Solvi M Human Importer (Solvi’s Draiman Goods)
4 4 Wharik M Dwarf Banker – Aleaos and Taybios
5 5 Brottnal M Dwarf Bartender – Rusty Bucket Alehouse
5 6 Kukama M Human Carter
5 7 Gerimund M Elf Porter
6 8 Imios M Human Foreman
7 9 Ana F Human Escort – Rusty Bucket Alehouse
7 10 Thamivo M 1/2 Elf Stevedore
8 11 Garic M Dwarf Longshoreman
8 12 Rayaos M Human Longshoreman
8 13 Llusios M Human Longshoreman
8 14 Peretia M Human Stevedore
9 15 Arin M Human Importer (Adrian’s Imports)
9 16 Zook F Gnome Clerk (Adrian’s Imports)
10 17 Hastein M Human Bodyguard
10 18 Erik M Human Merchant Envoy (Chytri)
10 19 Alya F 1/2 Elf Wife-Merchant Envoy (Chytri)
10 20 Eniavol F Elf Foreman


Striogi Striogi

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