Return of Hadrach

Dreams and Death


The party awakened in their rooms, the entire inn apparently transported to an unfamiliar city, with the skeletal Hadrach and several former party members in the courtyard below.

Griangi charged and was the first to die to Hadrach’s flashing blade, cut to pieces in front of the eyes of the party. Raz collapsed in terror, Juniper chose to flee but was unable to escape the courtyard. Elvira stood with her badger, and was cut down for her trouble. Shakaari attempted trapping him in a pit, which he neatly sidestepped. Hadrach then turned towards the inn where Rothgar fired arrows down on him and Kia remained in hiding. He threw open the door to Kia’s room and thanked her for showing him this new land for him set humans free and destroy the “lesser, non-human races”. When he burst into Rothgar’s room he stabbed Rothgar just before the ranger fled to the courtyard to try to protect the horn in the pit.

Hadrach burst through the wall of the pit, and scooped up the bag with the Horn, his victory cry dragging everyone out of their slumber.

The party gathered after recovering from the dream to discuss the goings-on and make sure the Horn of Hadrach was still among the party’s possessions.

The next day, the party decided to find the fugitive and attempt to capture him while Shakaari worked to make magic items. The party eventually located Aledar Kosul at an opium den controlled by Kidios Ll…, and were preparing to arrest him when he had a seizure and died before their eyes.

As they were deciding their next course of action, a hideous bone-colored monstrosity grew out of Kosul’s skin, the last of his flesh sloughing off. The party gave the creature a serious beating, but it turned invisible and escaped, smashing through a wooden wall to get out.


Striogi Striogi

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