Return of Hadrach

Courtesan Bear Hag and Juggler

26-Sarixui through 5-Etnui

The party left Fraviano with the blessings Theurge Chidel, making their way once again towards Draima. After several uneventful days of travel, they came across the Black Wolf Gypsy Clan, encamped by the side of the road, selling wares and offering divinations to travelers. The party allowed their fortunes to be read via a Harrow deck, the result of which brought forth 5 significant cards: Courtesan representing a powerful woman and social niceties, Bear representing a power thought to be under control but actually not, Hag representing a struggle between kin, Juggler representing someone trying to control too much and about to fail, and the Tangled Briar representing an ancient power – a person or artifact whose influence binds and affects the present day. Several individual fortunes were told, and information shared with the gypsy leader, Mistress Ravenna. Ravenna indicated her tribe is likely to head north, away from the coming conflict.
The party stayed the evening, continuing their journey to Draima the next morning.

Arriving in the city of Draima, the party looked to find the inn from Raz’s dream – the one where the city of Draima was burning, full of dead bodies. Content Not Found: Rothgar determined it was the Three Trolls, a high-end inn that serves primarily the House of Kedris. The innkeeper was generally as helpful as he could be, just uninformed to matters outside of the inn.

The party went on and took rooms at the Black Hydra, a somewhat less elite inn not far away. There they learned of a bounty on Aledar Kosul, a dangerous sorcerer that escaped the Tower of Law and the wild rumors surrounding his escape. After securing rooms there, the party split off do do a few things – Rothgar and Shakaari looked for additional leads about Kosul. Juniper left to deliver a package to the owner of the Steel Goblin – a shabby tavern in The Sprawl that was being fixed up by the owner. There was an explosion in the tavern right after she left, probably killing the owner – but no one could really prove she actually was the cause.

When the party had gathered back at the Black Hydra, Shakaari stated she needed to go tell her family, particularly her mother and grandmother that Thrandir had died. Hiring a carriage, the entire party accompanied her to the House of Voco, home of High Archon Aminda Voco, who holds the seat of Conjuration. There they met the Matriarch, Aminda, and it was revealed she had locked Shakaari’s mother in a suite and left her to her own devices. Aminda made plain her disgust with Shakaari and disdain of Thrandir, and while not explicitly saying so, it became obvious that Aminda was hoping her daughter-in-law would come to a quiet end in that room.

The party, however, took pity on her and moved her to the House of Augraine, and left her there, with her father (Shakaari’s grandfather) who seems much more kindly.

Returning to the Black Hydra, they eventually retired to wake up in a burning, unfamiliar city, a horrific dream-vision with an undead monster calling himself Hadrach, demanding the horn.


Striogi Striogi

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