Return of Hadrach

Ascension and Acheron

8-9 Apriui

The morning of the 8th of Apriui, a voice of thunder shatters the morning calm, rumbling through the city, “ONE DAY”. At this, Mason’s dwarvish wife Veronika demanded a representative. She was rewarded with a bolt of lightning crashing through the roof, which delivered a djinni requiring an answer. After a short discussion in which the djinni insisted, ‘The Laws of your mortal mortal realm hold no bearing for the Kingdom of Ventis’, Veronika and Mason relented. The djinni stated they are required to organize a wedding in a week. The estimated value of the wedding should be about 50,000 gp.

While discussing the details after the djinni left, the party was down in one of the private rooms, when a group of 10 mysterious cloaked humanoids arrived looking for a meeting with Griangi. The party allowed them in, and the leader of the group revealed himself to be Nilson VonCrosia… “So what’s this I hear about a rebellion?”

After discussing this for a short time, time seemed to pause for a moment while VonCrosia was consumed in a bright white light that seemed to disintegrate him, then reform him into a slightly better version of himself… The party then realized he had ascended to Mythic status.

VonCrosia admitted that Hadrach insisted the party not be present for the coming summit, for fear the party would attempt to assassinate him. He provided the expected schedule of events:
1-7 days: Noble houses arrive from across Tesra
8 days: Hadrach’s official arrival and reception
8 days: Grand ball (19th)
8-22 days: Peace talks (2 weeks allotted)
23 days: Closing ceremonies
24 days: Hadrach officially departs

Afterwards, the party decided to attempt to complete their mission to Stygia in the intervening time.

Arrival in Stygia found a dark plane, stinking, fetid and foul. Exploration proceeded, and a number of different horrors were experienced:
Weird mushrooms with teeth and tentacles
A pair of bone devils flying patrol
An ice devil who figured out they were not the devils Jarbold’s illusion made them appear to be. The ice devil attacked, but was killed in seconds from several devastating strikes from Mason’s hammer and Dinara’s mythically accurate shots. A number of the Damned were found and destroyed in the Ice Devil’s lair, along with a collection of treasures.
A bridge tiled with ceramic faces that would chant and move when not looked at directly… Griangi stabbed one, shattering the tile and eliciting a howling scream of agony… and blood leaking out of the broken tile. “Let’s leave the tiles alone”. The party had traveled 9 hours at that point, and Dinara had started flagging from the constant slog through the marsh.


Striogi Striogi

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