Return of Hadrach

The undead stranger at the bar, after some conversation, revealed himself to be Travant DeGarde. DeGarde is the Master of Lecce, a ruined city now overrun by undead after a harsh Draiman response to the city’s attempted rebellion. He intrigued the party with promises of help in their quest against Hadrach.

As the group gathered ‘round his table to hear what DeGarde had to say, another stranger entered the scene, whom Cortez recognized as a sword-dancing celebrity from his homeland. After much exuberant fan-worship on Cortez’s part, the newcomer was introduced as Akiara Katsura and Travant suggested we all continue the discussion somewhere more private.

At length, DeGarde revealed that he knows the identity of all of the party members who were marked by their dreamland death in the nightmare battle against Hadrach, and that he is able to magically tune in to the same “channel” of information that caused the dream in the first place. DeGarde also stated that Hadrach is an impostor, and that he helps the party in our mutual best interest, with no request of recompense. To this end, DeGarde told the party that the only ways to end the madness and chaos that loom on the horizon with Hadrach’s return are to collect and keep the Artifacts of Hadrach, including the Horn and Lodestone that the party already possess, and face Hadrach unto death—which would end in bloodshed and ruin—or to destroy said artifacts, which would be Travant’s preference.

To destroy the horn, he said, one must sound each of its five notes in the Pool of Tears, which Raz thought to be an interdimensional body of water that allows travel between the planes of existence. The horn sounds a different note for each gem that may be placed in it, of which the party has attained one.

To destroy the Lodestone, it must be broken upon the Anvil of the World, upon which Temur made Yerth. This would also require interdimensional travel. The business concluded with the party reluctantly agreeing to travel to the ends of the Yerth and beyond to find and destroy the artifacts; DeGarde gave the party an amulet by which they may summon him twice in times of dire need.

As the party dispersed for the evening, Griangi, Cortez and Katsura were approached by a young apprentice wizard, Delini VonRamsey, who requested an escort to Draima for her new political appointment. Cortez fell down drunk, and Akiara and Griangi, after verifying Delini’s identity with her father, the Mayor, agreed to the essentially free money for letting Delini travel with the party.

The party set off the following day, into a foreboding mist. After much discussion and some clever problem solving, the group found a way to navigate in the mist, and began seeing strange lights. After the mist cleared and the party camped for the night, more strange lights were spotted in the distance, and Elvira investigated, discovering an orc camp. The party attacked the camp, and the session ended mid-combat with the orc wolf- and boar-riders.

Oh yeah, and Elvira boned a half-orc and TOTALLY didn’t get pregnant.


Striogi Striogi

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